Pedi-Couture Sandals - Terry

Pedi-Couture Sandals - Terry

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Pedi-Couture Sandals in comfy terry

PEDICURES:† Fashionable & innovative way of walking out with your pedicure intact and with style. No more waiting for polish to dry!

YOGA: Well-known yoga instructors recommend using as a yoga sandal. Separating the toes - allows for better weight distribution, balance and stability.

WELLNESS: Recommended by leading podiatrists as they enhance blood circulation and relieve painful foot ailments including: swollen feet, hammertoes, bunions, calluses, and planters fasciitis, and neuroma.

  • Durable, non-skid rubber soles (3/4") with soft,
    smooth, non-abrasive uppers
  • Padded, hand-sewn toe separators to give
    chic comfort with every step
  • Each pair comes packaged in a color coordinated
    mesh bag
  • Re-useable and washable
  • Available in black, white and light pink terry
  • Choose colors and sizes below (Options)